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Inventions and Sinfonias also known as the Two and Three-Part Inventions also see The Clavier-Büchlein for Wilhelm Friedemann Bach
(인벤션과 신포니아)
 BWV772  Two-part Invention No. 1 in C Major/2성 인벤션 No. 1 C장조(1723)  
 BWV772a  Two-part Invention No. 1 in C Major/2성 인벤션 No. 1 C장조(1723)  
 BWV773  Two-part Invention No. 2 in c minor/2성 인벤션 No. 2 c단조(1723)  
 BWV774  Two-part Invention No. 3 in D Major/2성 인벤션 No. 3 D장조(1723)  
 BWV775  Two-part Invention No. 4 in d minor/2성 인벤션 No. 4 d단조(1723)  
 BWV776  Two-part Invention No. 5 in Eb Major/2성 인벤션 No. 5 Eb장조(1723)  
 BWV777  Two-part Invention No. 6 in E Major/2성 인벤션 No. 6 E장조(1723)  
 BWV778  Two-part Invention No. 7 in e minor/2성 인벤션 No. 7 e단조(1723)  
 BWV779  Two-part Invention No. 8 in F Major/2성 인벤션 No. 8 F장조(1723)  
 BWV780  Two-part Invention No. 9 in f minor/2성 인벤션 No. 9 f단조(1723)  
 BWV781  Two-part Invention No. 10 in G Major/2성 인벤션 No. 10 G장조(1723)  
 BWV782  Two-part Invention No. 11 in g minor/2성 인벤션 No. 11 g단조(1723)  
 BWV783  Two-part Invention No. 12 in A Major/2성 인벤션 No. 12 A장조(1723)  
 BWV784  Two-part Invention No. 13 in a minor/2성 인벤션 No. 13 a단조(1723)  
 BWV785  Two-part Invention No. 14 in Bb Major/2성 인벤션 No. 14 Bb장조(1723)  
 BWV786  Two-part Invention No. 15 in b minor/2성 인벤션 No. 15 b단조(1723)  
 BWV787  Three-part Invention(Sinfonia) No. 1 in C Major/3성 인벤션(신포니아)(신포니아) No. 1 C장조(1723)  
 BWV788  Three-part Invention(Sinfonia) No. 2 in c minor/3성 인벤션(신포니아) No. 2 c단조(1723)  
 BWV789  Three-part Invention(Sinfonia) No. 3 in D Major/3성 인벤션(신포니아) No. 3 D장조(1723)  
 BWV790  Three-part Invention(Sinfonia) No. 4 in d minor/3성 인벤션(신포니아) No. 4 d단조(1723)  
 BWV791  Three-part Invention(Sinfonia) No. 5 in Eb Major/3성 인벤션(신포니아) No. 5 Eb장조(1723)  
 BWV792  Three-part Invention(Sinfonia) No. 6 in E Major/3성 인벤션(신포니아) No. 6 E장조(1723)  
 BWV793  Three-part Invention(Sinfonia) No. 7 in e minor/3성 인벤션(신포니아) No. 7 e단조(1723)  
 BWV794  Three-part Invention(Sinfonia) No. 8 in F Major/3성 인벤션(신포니아) No. 8 F장조(1723)  
 BWV795  Three-part Invention(Sinfonia) No. 9 in f minor/3성 인벤션(신포니아) No. 9 f단조(1723)  
 BWV796  Three-part Invention(Sinfonia) No. 10 in G Major/3성 인벤션(신포니아) No. 10 G장조(1723)  
 BWV797  Three-part Invention(Sinfonia) No. 11 in g minor/3성 인벤션(신포니아) No. 11 g단조(1723)  
 BWV798  Three-part Invention(Sinfonia) No. 12 in A Major/3성 인벤션(신포니아) No. 12 A장조(1723)  
 BWV799  Three-part Invention(Sinfonia) No. 13 in a minor/3성 인벤션(신포니아) No. 13 a단조(1723)  
 BWV800  Three-part Invention(Sinfonia) No. 14 in Bb Major/3성 인벤션(신포니아) No. 14 Bb장조(1723)  
 BWV801  Three-part Invention(Sinfonia) No. 15 in b minor/3성 인벤션(신포니아) No. 15 b단조(1723)